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Glen Alpin/Stanthorpe
Country Style Accommodation Park
(Caravan Park/motel/self-catering)
New England Highway, Glen Aplin Qld 4380
Pets on application, dogs must be on a leash at all times. Horses welcome. Phone (07) 4683 4358
Fax (07) 4683 4156

Goondiwindi Tourist Park

20 Hungerford St, Goondiwindi Qld 4390
Dogs to be kept on leash at all times. No barking. No animal to be left unattended. Not allowed in accommodation provided by park (health regulations) but allowed on patios etc. Droppings must be cleaned away so as not to cause offence to others. Other pets allowed on application.
Horses welcome
Phone (07) 4671 2566
Fax (07) 4671 2566  Email

Silver Fern Caravan Park
Bruce Highway, Gympie Qld 4570
Pets allowed on leash at all times. Owner must clean up after pets. Pets must not be aggressive or noisy
Phone (07) 5483 5171   Email
Fax (07) 5483 5082

Twin Lakes Village
1 Hall Rd Qld 4570
Dogs are to be restrained at all times. Other pets allowed by arrangement. 
Phone (07) 5482 5433 Email
Fax (07) 5483 9700 Website

Standown Park
91 Radtke Road, Goomboorian QLD 4570 (on 18 acres)
Half way between Gympie (24Km) and Tin Can Bay (24Km) on Tin Can Bay Road - Opposite Counter Rd/Cooloola Coast. Dogs to be kept on a lead around park but can be off at their own van site. Not permitted at Camp Kitchen. Ample acreage to run and play and a dam to swim in. Dog sitting available while you sight see or go to Fraser Island. Horses and other pets are allowed.

Phone (07) 5486 5144 Email
Fax (07) 5486 5144

Hervey Bay
Coastal Caravan Park

136 Pulgul St, Urangan Qld 4655
Dogs and other pets on application
Phone (07) 4125 3206  Email
Fax (07) 4125 5748    Website
Borumba Deer Park
1133 Yabba Creek Rd, Imbil Qld 4570
$50 good behaviour bond refundable. Dogs must be on leash in park and at campsite. Owners must clean up after pets. Other pets allowed in cages.
Phone/Fax  (07) 5484 5196  Email


Flying Fish Point Caravan Park

39 Elizabeth St, Innisfail Qld 4860 Most dogs allowed at manager's discretion. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Other pets allowed on application.
Phone (07) 4061 3131
Fax (07) 4061 8533   Web Site  

Kilcoy /Woodford
Neurum Creek Bush Retreat Camping Ground

 268 Rasmussen Rd Qld 4514
 Dogs must be under control at all times (on leash or obedient to commands) You shall be responsible for your dog's behaviour at all times. Camp areas to be left free of dog poo.
 Phone (07) 5496 3692
 Fax (07) 54963638  Website

Kinka Beach   
Island View Caravan Park
Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach, via Yepoon, Qu 4703   
Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times. To be kept under control, no barking. Not allowed in on-site accommodation, only on the verandahs. Droppings to be placed in a plastic bag and put in rubbish bin.  
Phone (07) 4939 6284  Email
Fax (07) 4939 6434    Web Site  

Kurrimine Beach
Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park

South End of Jacobs Rd, Kurrimine Beach, PO Box 10, Qld 4871
Dogs must be kept on leash at all times.
Dogs not allowed in on-site accommodation

Phone (07) 4065 6166  
Fax (07) 4065 6157
Email  Web Site

Jolimont Caravan Park
Bruce Highway, Kuttabul  QLD  4741

Dogs must be controlled at all times, and on leash when within park area. Droppings to be picked up and put in bin. Other pets allowed in cages.   There is an area outside the park to walk dogs.
We have a fenced paddock with water for horses.

Phone (07) 4954 0170

Lake Eacham
Lake Eacham Caravan Park
Lakes Drive, Lake Eacham (via Yungaburra). Well behaved owners welcome to accompany their pets at our quiet eco-style park. One Km to National Park & Crater Lake. Other pets allowed, cats on leash. We have a fenced paddock with water for horses.
Phone (07) 4095 3730
Fax (07) 4095 3733 Website

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