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Sapphire Caravan Park
57 Sunrise Road, Sapphire, QLD.
The crossroads to the Sapphire Gemfields are half way between Rockhampton and Longreach and just 42 kms west of Emerald on the Capricorn Highway. Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times, well behaved and picked up after. Small or very old well behaved pets are allowed inside at owners discretion.
Phone (07) 4985 4281
Fax (07) 4985 4281 Website

Samford Valley
Zingara Park
Mt O'Reilly Rd., Samford Valley QLD., 4520. 35 minutes north west of Brisbane.
Well-behaved dogs allowed inside. Owners must clean up after their animals and bring their pet's food. Shady yards for horses.
Phone (07) 3289 6530 Email
mobile 0416 126 043 Website

Sarina Palms Caravan Village

31 Anzac St, Sarina Qld 4737
Pets conditional. Dogs must be on leash at all times. Other pets allowed in cages. Phone (07) 4956 1892
Fax (07) 4956 2894    Email


Springsure Roadhouse and CaraPark
86 William St, Springsure  Qld 4722
Dogs on lead only. No animals in on-site overnight accommodation. Owners must clean up after dogs.
Phone (07) 4984 1418
Fax (07) 4984 1418

Stanthorpe/Glen Alpin
Country Style Tourist Accommodation Park
(Caravan Park/motel/self-catering)
New England Highway, Glen Aplin Qld 4381 Pets on application, dogs must be on a leash at all times.
Phone (07) 4683 4358
Fax (07) 4683 4156

Tamborine Mountain
Tamborine Mountain Caravan
and Camping

111 Tamborine Mountain Road,
PO Box 202, North Tamborine Qld 4272.
Dogs are welcome but they must be kept on leash, and droppings cleaned away.
Phone (07) 5545 0034   
Email  Website

Tin Can Bay
Ace Caravan Park
32 Esplanade, Tin Can Bay Qld 4580
Pets on leads. Other pets allowed in cages. Phone (07) 5486 4152

Tin Can Bay
Standown Park
91 Radtke Road, Goomboorian QLD 4570 (on 18 acres)
Half way between Gympie (24Km) and Tin Can Bay (24Km) on Tin Can Bay Road - Opposite Counter Rd/Cooloola Coast. Dogs to be kept on a lead around park but can be off at their own van site. Not permitted at Camp Kitchen. Ample acreage to run and play and a dam to swim in. Dog sitting available while you sight see or go to Fraser Island. Horses and other pets are allowed.

Phone (07) 5486 5144 Email
Fax (07) 5486 5144

Golden Harvest Motor Village

394 Boundary Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350 Pets allowed at managers discretion. Must be kept on leads at all times. Cleaned up after.
Phone (07) 4633 1666
Fax (07) 4633 2368

Torrens Creek  
Exchange Hotel/Motel/Van Park

Flinders Highway, Torrens Creek 
Qld 4816   
Pets allowed at managers discretion on leash at all times. Other pets allowed in cages.   
Phone / Fax (07) 4741 7342  


The Range Caravan Park
Herveys Range Road, Townsville Qld 4817
On lead at all times. Adhere to' No Go' dog areas. Pick up poop. We mind your pet while you enjoy our city Day-Evening-O/Night. Kennels provided. Pets not allowed in units but verandahs O.K.
Phone (07) 4773 2419
Fax (07) 4773 2419 Email


Rose City Caravan Park
New England Highway, Warwick  Qld 4370   
Dogs allowed on leash. Most not allowed in on site accommodation. Some dogs allowed inside if very very small or old. We make the decision when you book. Droppings to be picked up and thrown in bin. Other pets allowed in cages.
Phone (07) 4661 1662   
Fax (07) 4661 1662

Matilda Country Tourist Park

43 Chimside St, Winton Qld 4735
Dogs to be kept on leash and under control
Phone/Fax (07) 4657 1607 
Email   Website

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat Camping Ground

268 Rasmussen Rd Qld 4514
Dogs must be under control at all times (on leash or obedient to commands) You shall be responsible for your dog's behaviour at all times. Camp areas to be left free of dog poo.
Phone (07) 5496 3692 Email
Fax (07) 54963638  Website


Barkala Tourist Park
88 The Esplanade, Woodgate Beach Qld 4660 Dogs must be kept on a leash. Not permitted in or near on-site accommodation. Barking must be controlled; dogs not to be left unattended in park; droppings to be removed and disposed of by owner. During school holidays only one dog allowed. Other pets allowed in cages.
Phone (07) 4126 8802 Email
Fax (07) 4126 8699 Website 
(Fraser Coast/Woodgate)

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